Able Hydraulics is pleased to offer the innovative SicoAir ring main system. Created by Italian compressed air experts Sicomat to solve common problems associated with using traditional ring main systems. This easy to assemble connection solution is extremely adaptable, making it suitable for every application, from small installations to large industrial production plants.


Why choose the SicoAIR ring main system over conventional methods?

It is extremely lightweight due to the aluminium construction of the 6 metre tube lengths and nylon fittings. This makes the system a safer and more cost effective alternative to traditional technologies that use heavier malleable iron.

It is quick and easy to install as it operates using simple compression fittings (rather than screw-in fittings), which result in a reduced drop in pressure and increased flow rate.

It requires a low level of maintenance and is resistant to pressure, fire, UV exposure, shock and long-term corrosion (TUV Tested and Certified), making this system extremely durable, re-usable and economical.